Guarding Services

At Eagle Shields we pride ourselves as being a rapidly growing organisation in the provision of manned security, offering a comprehensive spectrum of security services from a one-man-guarding contract to a multi-manned security team.

We take pride in providing the highest level of service to our clients and attending to their individual requirements by understanding the customer’s needs, anticipating requirements, checking comfort levels, and using feedback constructively to help deliver expected service levels. Eagle Shields offers a wide range of specialized and customized services to its customers.

Security guards are required for performing physical security of a specific place and people. Following are the type of security guard services.
Static Guards- Static guard is responsible for a specific area where the duty is to safeguard that specific area during duty hours.

Patrolling Guards-. A patrolling guard covers area which might be beyond line of sight. He would have to move around keeping the whole area as assigned to him.
Personal Security Officers– The primary responsibility for a PSO is to protect client against any possible threats with a vision to avoid any engagement with threat. A PSO operate alone or as part of a team depending on situation both as armed and unarmed.
Event Security– We provides Event security solutions as per the client’s specific needs during corporate events, entertainment programs, product launches, concerts, sports events and more.